highland lace flower in denim Highland Lace Flower – denim

highland lace flower Highland Lace Flower – turquoise

knit one spring logo Knit One Pearl One – Spring

knit one pearl one turq wide and red narrow Knit One Pearl One – Autumn

easter bracelet and bangle Cantaloupe – Spring

segment bracelet Cantaloupe – Turquoise

Inca Trail Inca Trail

second take of pointy superduo idea Inca Trail – turquoise

snowflake bracelet Snowflake

CRAW in crystals and pearls Dawnn

hashtag bracelet 1 Hashtag – turquoise

hashtag in blues Hashtag – blue

Highland Lace Highland Lace

jlp seafoam and peach Jagged Little Pearl – seafoam

zig zag pearls Jagged Little Pearl – purple

kiss kiss Kiss Kiss


Louise's cuff Please Louise – pearl

sparkly cuff Please Louise – crystal

PurpleAqua sparkly cuf2f Please Louise – lilac and aqua

Esoteric single band for Megan Esoteric – single band

es-o cuff Esoteric – double band






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