My true passion is beadweaving and bead embroidery but now and again I like to go off at a tangent: to dabble in other crafts.  The process of learning is crucial to me and very often these projects inspire new directions in my beadwork too.

I am currently learning Silversmithing at Gray’s School Of Art for example. This is a long and slow process but one that I love.  I will be entering into their Advanced Class in the Autumn but don’t let that title deceive you: I have many more years ahead of me on this path before I could consider myself a silversmith.

I also play with silver clay on occasion and have derived great satisfaction from this medium. It is something I intend to explore further at a later date as I would ultimately like to achieve some diplomas in this area.


2 thoughts on “Offshoots

  1. Hi Carol
    Love! Your website! Wow…amazing what you have put together in such a short time. It looks great : very professional and so inspiring .:-)
    X ingeborg


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